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24 N 8th St
Richmond, VA, 23219


Apropos Roasters is a (very) small company located in Richmond, VA where we specialize in creating customizable hand-made favors and gourmet gifts for any occasion. We offer an array of products from coffee and tea to flower seeds and party decor for weddings, parties, anniversaries, and holidays.

Frequently Asked Questions

and their answers


Why doesn't the coffee packaging look like coffee bags in the grocery stores? Will it stay fresh?

The simplest answer to this YES! Our unique packaging doesn't look like the "usual grocery store bag" because it isn't meant to sit on a shelf. The bags you see in stores are designed and sealed so that the beans can be kept sitting around for months, or even years. Coffee is considered "non-perishable" and therefore no expiration date is required, but the taste of old coffee is certainly evident. Our coffee comes to you freshly roasted, dated, wrapped in food safe, recyclable materials. In short, you have the best coffee, less waste and there is no need for fancy, wasteful materials and plastics because you are going to drink that coffee, not put it on a shelf!


How do I take care of my coffee tin?

Each tin contains 12oz of coffee and features a one-way valve on the bottom for seriously fresh beans. In order to keep the valve working properly, we recommend not submerging your tin in water. Simply wipe the tin out with a damp cloth in between new roasts.


Which coffee roasts do you have available?

We roast a wide range of different coffee beans. Here is our current list for Spring 2015:

Direct Trade Brazil Sul de Minas, Organic Colombia Popayan, Costa Rica Tarrazu, Ethiopian Harar, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Sulawesi Microlot, Mexico Microlot, Guatemala Huehuetenango, Nicaragua Jinotega, Tanzania Peaberry, El Salvador Bourbon, and Kenya AA.


Do you offer decaffeinated coffee?

Yes! We want those who prefer decaf to enjoy a nice cup without sacrificing wonderful aroma and flavor. So, we guarantee a great roast by offering mountain water processed beans. In a nutshell, this is a natural process that consists of the coffee beans being immersed in pure water as a way to extract the caffeine. This type of processing is safe and chemical-free, unlike most decaf coffee found in grocery stores.


Do you carry organic and/or direct trade coffee?

We do offer organic and direct trade coffee. We strive to carry at least one to two organic coffee varietals at a time and our selection is subject to change. We support direct trade and have a strong relationship with farmers from Sul de Minas, Brazil. We will always have our Direct Trade Brazil Sul de Minas beans available to our customers upon request.


Which is better, ground or whole bean coffee?

We always recommend whole bean coffee to ensure the freshness and fullest flavor, especially when ordering larger quantities for parties and weddings. We understand that many do not keep a coffee grinder on hand, so we do offer ground coffee upon request. Ultimately, the better choice depends on your personal preference: more quality and flavor vs. convenience and timesaving. We guarantee that you will receive the best coffee possible regardless of how you choose to purchase your beans.


Favors, Gifts, Etc. 

Iā€™d like a fully customized item. What are my options?

We offer an array of choices to select from! Each product has its own unique design, packaging and color possibilities. You can find customizable preferences located within each listing. If you do not see what you are looking for, contact us directly and we will help make your design idea come to life.


I love your packaging, but I want to use my own coffee, treats, etc. Can I purchase a DIY kit for assembly at home?

Unfortunately, our unassembled packaging and materials are not available for purchase. We ensure that your gifts and/or favors are filled with high quality products and assembled with care.


How early do I need to place my order?

We request that an order be placed 3-4 weeks before your desired arrival date, however, the earlier the better. Our favors are totally customizable and therefore require a lot of TLC and time! You can place your order at any time 3 weeks prior to your desired arrival date. We will not ship your order until we have spoken with you about an appropriate time to do so. Even if you are totally ahead of the game and place your order a year in advance, we will not ship your order until 2 weeks before your event in order to preserve taste and freshness!


Can you create a totally custom stamp for me?

YES! We love working with your vision to create a custom stamp that is all your own design! If you would like us to use your own image please be sure the image is in black and white. We cannot create a custom stamp out of a photograph or copyrighted image. Not feeling artistic? No problem. We have a variety of images and font options and a wonderful team of designers that have a fantastic eye for visual creation! Because we put a great deal of time and pride into our custom stamps please understand there will be a price differential between our custom stamps and ready-to-ship stamps.


Can I request a variety of cocoa, tea, chai and coffee favors?

Yes, we can do a combination of any of our favor varieties. Please just let us know that you would like more than one option before placing your order. Combination orders will be charged an additional $10. If you do wish to have more than one option, your favors will be stamped with its "type" on the packing. (i.e. hot cocoa favors will be labeled "hot cocoa" on the back of the package)


Can I try a sample before purchasing my favors?

Absolutely. We take great pride in our freshly roasted coffee and we want you to taste, try, and enjoy the coffee before giving it out to your guests. We offer samples of coffee, twine type, ink color, and image design, however, we can not send you a sample of your custom stamp before checkout. Your custom stamp is not made until payment is received, therefore, we cannot stamp your sample with your custom design. We do offer text and e-mail updates on your order while it is being processed. If you would like a picture of your favors texted or emailed to you please let us know upon checkout. We will send the picture upon beginning your order. If we do not receive a prompt response your order will continue as previously discussed. If you would like the ink color or twine color changed after seeing your favors you MUST let us know immediately.


Can I pick a flavor of coffee?

We do not add any flavoring to the coffee during roasting; therefore, flavoring options are unavailable. If you would like a specific varietal please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you. We have a wide selection of varietals and love hearing your favorites and preferences!


What should I do if I have a question about my order after placing it?

Call us or email us! We want your order to be exactly what you imagined and paid for so please contact us if you would like to discuss any questions regarding color, twine, ship time, or coffee type. The only thing that cannot be changed after payment is your custom stamp; once we have begun making your stamp we will not remake it unless there is an error on our end. Please be patient with our responses, while we aim to have questions answered within 24 hours of it being placed we are only human :) If you haven't heard from us after 48 hours shoot us another email or give us another ring!


Can you use my images or fonts?

Yes, absolutely. We love having your input and your ideas so please send us the font or image you would like on your favors. We do not accept photographs, copyrighted images, or colored images. Please send us a crisp black and white image.